About Us

Whether you’re looking to import or export goods, move household items, a vehicle or just a single suitcase, there are so many reasons to ship something from point A to point B. You have your own story, each shipment has their own story and absolutely every story is different which makes finding the suitable shipping solution a real nightmare.

With so many intermediaries, the shipping market looks nuts from the outside and you can easily get caught up in hidden costs, extra payment requests on delivery and delays.

MadShipping is a digital freight forwarder created to make your life easier. 1 point of contact. Just talk to us and we will sort out your shipping! We will help you define your requirements hunt down the best price and be here in case you need anything during your whole shipping process.

This Is What We Will Do for FREE!

Sit back and relax while we look after your cargo.

Define Your Requirements

With so many intermediaries, finding the best shipping companies has become a real minefield. We will help you structure your needs.

Find The Best Price

Whether it’s price or speed you’re looking for, we will present to you the most “value for money” shipping services.

Track Your Shipment

From collection address to final delivery, we will be your dedicated point of contact during the whole overseas process.